“We love using the Glass Safe glass carry trays. They are safe, easy to use, stylish, effective and definitely a huge benefit in our high volume operation.”

Sue Grundy

Hampshire Hog
"Since we have started using Glass-Safe it has made life easier and safer for our staff and customers, it's a great benefit to the business"

Gregory Shaw

Old Thorns Manor Hotel Golf & Country club, Liphook, Hants
"Glass-Safe has made life so much easier and safer for my staff in collecting empty glasses and bottles, we also deliver which makes the whole process more efficient and adds a little style."

Simon Goodman

The Duke of Cumberland Arms, Henley
"What a great product! It`s making life so much easier collecting and delivering glasses, my staff love it. We have a huge garden and carrying full trays of glasses is not always safe. Also it adds a bit of style and finesse to our business. This should have been done years ago!"

Alex Tipping

The Fountain Inn, Ashurst
"Glass collecting just got a whole lot easier here at Hush Heath hospitality thanks to Glass-safe- Accessorising with style and safety at work!"

Laurence Bowes

Hush Heath Hospitality
"Collecting empties just got made a lot easier and safer here at the Royal Anchor using Glass-safe, adding a little style and theatre too!"

The Royal Anchor

(Hungry Horse), Liphook
"A brilliant idea and great way to collect or deliver glasses. I'm amazed nobody's thought of this before!"

Crown Inn

Arford, Hants
“Using Glass-Safe is definitely a more stylish and safe way to collect glasses particularly from a busy garden in the summer months”.

Giles Thompson

Owner & executive chef of the Earl of March, Lavant (former executive chef at The Ritz, London)





The Glass-Safe product is a new concept which has been designed for the safe carriage of different sized glasses/bottles, predominantly used throughout the hospitality industry.

The unique concept of expandable inserts has been specifically designed to secure glasses/bottles whilst in transit, with particular attention to health and safety; thus safeguarding both customers and staff from potential danger.

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Glass-Safe Hand Held!
lamb Balancing empty glasses and hoping not to drop them is a thing of the past. A dropped tray of empty glasses on a busy day is a nightmare scenario for any club, pub or restaurant. It can injure customers, pose potential risks to many and land licensees and operators with a heap of health and safety issues. But the prospect of a tray slipping from a staff member’s wet hands and creating mayhem could be a thing of the past with the launch of an exciting and innovative new product called Glass-Safe V2 Hand Held! Made from the same canvas material as a modern day quality sports bag, and strengthened inside with the use of toughened materials, Glass-Safe is specially designed for the safe carriage of various sized beer and wine glasses, and also bottles. The unit has handles to facilitate easy carriage and is moulded to fit the body, leaving the hands of the bar staff member free.
No more broken glass!
The unique ‘tray’ concept features expandable inserts, specifically engineered to secure glasses and bottles whilst in transit. There is no risk of any glass or bottle falling, thereby safeguarding the safety of both customers and staff. The Glass-Safe product is light, compact, easily manoeuvrable, robust and washable, making it incredibly practical. But it also adds professionalism to the necessary routine of clearing away glasses, and a touch of theatre, too. Glass-Safe trays can be purchased at in the Shop where they are available at a special introductory price of £59.95. Have your Glass-safe units branded for an extra £12.50, advertise your business!


  • Washable
  • Lighweight
  • Compact
  • Easy to wear and use (Version 1)
  • Stylish
  • Unique
  • Quality
  • Robust


  • Protection for your staff and customers
  • Saving on glass breakages
  • Easy to manouvre
  • Simple easy to use with back strap device (Version 1)
  • Deliver and collect at the same time
  • Happy customers spend more
  • Opportunity to advertise your business
  • Personalise your Glass-Safe unit.


Hand Held

£59.95/ Inc. Vat
  • Easy to use Handheld Units
  • Customisation Available

Baby Branded Unit

£59.95/ Inc. Vat
  • Branding Included
  • Advertise your company!
  • Email us a JPG or PDF of your logo to info@glass-safe.com


£12.50/ Inc. Vat
  • Advertise your company!
  • Easy to use Handheld Units
  • Email us a JPG or PDF of your logo to info@glass-safe.com

UK Delivery

£4.99/ Inc. Vat
  • Contact us for large order discount
  • International Delivery £9.99 per unit


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